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Born for Love

is the definitive book on empathy. Renowned psychiatrist Bruce Perry has appeared on CNN, National Public Radio’s as an expert in this hot area of neuroscience, and has been cited as such in (in a story written by Malcolm Gladwell). He and co-writer Maia Szalavitz explore empathy’s startling importance in human evolution and its significance for our children and our society. The authors of present a powerful case that love is essential…and endangered.

Helping Traumatized Children Learn Volumes 1 and 2

This resource includes a free downloadable book and videos that describes how trauma impacts learning and how schools can create a trauma sensitive and effective learning environment and community.

Managing Change with Personal Resilience

By Mark Kelly, Linda Hoopes, and Daryl Conner. Outlines 21 keys to being resilient in turbulent organizations.

My Grandmother's Hands

Therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.





Talk to me: What educators (and others) can learn about de-escalation from hostage negotiators

In this book, Emma Van Der Klift provides useful frameworks and tools for crisis de-escalation based off interviews with hostage negotiators.  This book applies these concepts to educational settings.

The Comfort Garden: Tales from The Trauma Unit by Laurie Barkin

This book tells the story of Laurie Barkin’s account of working on as a psychiatric nurse on the surgical/trauma unit at San Fransisco General Hospital and describes stories of the impact of working closely with those who have experienced trauma. This book won the Book of the Year award from the American Journal of Nursing and a Nautilus award.

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook: A proven way to accept yourself, build inner strenght and thrive

A book by by Dr. Kristen Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer with tools and resources to promote self-compassion

Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents

By Margaret E. Blaustein and Kristine M. Kinniburgh. Provides a flexible framework for working with kids and their caregivers.

What happened to you?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing

A book by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce Perry on how our early experience shape our lives.  This book describes scientific data and personal experiences related to trauma and healing.

You are your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience and the Black Experience

A collection of essays edited by Tarana Burke and Brene Brown on Black shame, healing, the processes of trauma of white supremacy and an affirmation of the the fullness of Black love and Black life.