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Ask the Researchers! The Sexual Abuse to Maternal Mortality Pipeline

NSVRC staff talk with Sevonna Brown, Assistant Executive Director for Black Women’s Blueprint about their research on the link between sexual violence and reproductive health.

Combating childhood trauma: One elementary school's radical approach to mental health

Video describing one school’s effort to change the way they respond to challenging student behavior using trauma-informed practices

Direct Support Professionals Deserve More

Video advocating for a living wage for personal care attendents and direct support professionals of people with disabilities

Experiences of Black Disabled People During & After Disasters

Recording of virtual event, “Experiences of Black Disabled People During & After Disasters: A Global Conversation”, held by the Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration (GADRA) including universal sign language and closed captions.

Facing History Now-George Takei: Standing Up to Racism Then and Now

The Facing History virtual Community Conversation Series, actor and activist George Takei discusses his family’s wrongful incarceration during World War II and how we can all take action against anti-Asian racism on the rise today.

Good relationships are the key to healing trauma

Dr Treisman talks about the importance of forging good relationships and effective society-wide systems when it comes to understanding and healing trauma.

Paper Tigers

A documnetary on implementing trauma informed care in a high school


video of child in child welfare system and role trauma has on how she is behaving

Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the science of hope

A documentary on the science of psychological resilience

Searching for Angela

Searching for Angela is a beautiful and informative documentary from the perspective of Angela Shelton on the topics of trauma, abuse and healing.

Start your Recovery

Start Your Recovery was developed by bringing together experts in substance misuse treatment from leading nonprofit, academic, and government institutions. Through this important resource, people who are coping with trauma can hear stories from people with similar experiences, discover the answers they need for recognizing and dealing with substance misuse, and locate support.

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The Body Keeps The Score - VIDEO

Bessel van der Kolk discusses how trauma effects the body, and how the body keeps the score.

The Paradox of Self-Compassion

This video by compassion researcher Kristin Neff describes how to practice self-compassion and easy suffering we must first accept and be “OK” with the the suffering that is present.

The Space Between Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem

A video on the concept of self-compassion

Trauma and the Brain

Animated video on trauma’s impact on the brain

Trauma-Informed Community Development

Paul Abernathy describes how trauma informed care can be and has been used in community development. They describe examples from Pittsburgh.

Trauma-informed design can transform homeless shelters

Most homeless shelters today are poorly designed – their lack of privacy and clinical aesthetic more likely to induce distress than help with it. In this talk, homeless advocate Brandi Tuck makes the case for trauma-informed designs that can transform these spaces and help boost the well-being of their inhabitants.

What makes for a good life?

Video on the research on the longest study of human develop on what predicts health and happiness