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Dangers of Vaping

This website from a law firm describes the dangers of vaping and provides resources for young people and their parents.

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Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 3

This video is part 3 of 4 of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Presentation 8

Jada Williams, Melina McConatha, PhD, & Julian Murray: Interdisciplinary Food Sustainability Studies: Black Food Sovereignty Scholarship and Curriculum Development: 0:00:00

Phillips Thomas Hornbuckle, JD: Feeding on a Small (College) Scale: Building and Sustaining Campus Food Pantries: 00:13:42

Dr. Linton Williams: The Cycle of Poverty and Trauma: Understanding its Effects on the Self-Esteem and Social Development of Minorities: 00:22:22

Presentation 9

Amber Wagman, LCSW, & Jane Riese, LSW: Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: 00:40:00

Colleen Igo & Jamie Russell, MSW, MS: “The 3 R’s of Trauma Informed Care: Realize, Recognize & Respond: 00:50:00

Presentation 10

Brittany Shutz, MS: York Opioid Collaborative: The importance of a coordinated, multi-sector approach to reducing overdoses and substance use: 01:09:50

Samantha Smith, MPH: “Building Health for All Youth: Upstream Substance Use Prevention Approaches: 01:18:00 Keynote Presentation 2

Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed: Authentic Antiracism: Understanding our Bias, Deepening our Empathy: 01:37:55

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