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Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 1

This video is of the first of 4 parts of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference  that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Opening Remarks 0:00:000:15:00

Keynote 1 Dr. Debra L. Berke: Taking It to the Streets: Trauma-Informed Approaches in Action 0:15:45

Presentation 1 Winden Rowe, LPC & Kimberly Preske, MSW, LSW: HEAL PA Trauma Informed Pennsylvania Initiative 0:42:15

Presentation 2

Stephanie Odom: Developing a Standardized Approach to Trauma Informed Care in the Anti-Exploitation Field via Multi-Sector Collaboration 0:59:15

Megan Barolet-Fogarty, PhD, Meghan Conley, PhD, & Cristina Caceres, MA: Recognizing and Addressing Immigration Trauma in East Tennessee Schools: A Collaborative Approach to Community-based Participatory Research 1:10:20

Presentation 3

Lauren Rosen, MSE/PD: The Role of School Psychologists in Addressing Trauma 1:28:33

Victoria Gonzalez, PhD: Thanks for Sharing: Class Discussion as a Form of Individual and Collective Healing 1:38:30

Presentation 4

Deb Smith, MA Diversity and Inclusion within the School System 2:00:06

Alexandra Attinger: Using Trauma-Informed Writing Pedagogy in the Secondary English Language Arts Classroom 2:10:30

Conference Proceedings