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AAIP Glass Ceiling in STEM: 50 Free Anti-Racism and Mental Health Resources

This resource  compiled on the Columbia University Engineering program blog, provides web links to free mental health and anti-racism resources from a variety of organizations.

America's Caste System

Throughline podcast discusses how the racial system of the United States could be understood as a caste system.

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

The resources on this site have been gathered to help individuals educate others, take action, donate, and more.

Anti-Asian racism and violent attacks on Asian elderly have only increased in recent months. Since COVID-19 became news in the United States, hate speech and violence against the AAPI community has run rampant. In February 2021, attacks, particularly on elderly Asian Americans, have spiked. Unfortunately, many of these incidents are not being reported and are invisible to major media outlets. We hope to change this by offering the following resources with our community. Please join us in taking action whether it’s by educating yourself and others around you or donating to non-profit organizations

Anti-Racism Resources for the AAPI Community

This list of resources was put together by the Asian American Studies program at Cornell University.

Anti-racism resources to support Asian American, Pacific Islander community

An NBC news article and list of resources to support Asian American, Pacific Islander communities.

Blog and News Articles
Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit
This toolkit represents the work and thinking of 15 grassroots organizations with Asian American bases living in the most precarious margins of power: low-income tenants, youth, undocumented immigrants, low-wage workers, refugees, women and girls, and queer and trans people. It reflects their experiences with criminalization, deportation, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamo-racism, war, gender violence, poverty, and worker exploitation… By highlighting the role of people’s resistance both past and present, the toolkit also seeks to build hope and a commitment to political struggle. In these perilous times, it is an intervention by today’s Asian American activists to restore our collective humanity across our differences through a practice of deep democracy, by looking first to history and then to one another to build a vigilant and expansive love for the people
Asian Americans and Moments in People's History

Features 20 Asian Americans and events of note in people’s history.

Befriending Radical Disagreement

a conversation on the way in and out of hate and hate groups through connection

Experiences of Black Disabled People During & After Disasters

Recording of virtual event, “Experiences of Black Disabled People During & After Disasters: A Global Conversation”, held by the Global Alliance for Disaster Resource Acceleration (GADRA) including universal sign language and closed captions.

Facing History Now-George Takei: Standing Up to Racism Then and Now

The Facing History virtual Community Conversation Series, actor and activist George Takei discusses his family’s wrongful incarceration during World War II and how we can all take action against anti-Asian racism on the rise today.

How to Address the Surge in Ani-Asian Hate Crimes

This PBS News Hour special discusses the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and what can be done to stop it.

Imagining the Comprehensive Mattering of Black Boys and Young Men in Society and Schools

In this essay Dr. Carey discusses perspectives on mattering in social and educational contexts for young Black men and Black boys. It discusses ways in which educators can reimagine the opportunities to recognize and support the mattering of their students.  Contact the Institute for Social Healing to access the article.

Empirical/Research Article
Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 1

This video is of the first of 4 parts of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference  that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Opening Remarks 0:00:000:15:00

Keynote 1 Dr. Debra L. Berke: Taking It to the Streets: Trauma-Informed Approaches in Action 0:15:45

Presentation 1 Winden Rowe, LPC & Kimberly Preske, MSW, LSW: HEAL PA Trauma Informed Pennsylvania Initiative 0:42:15

Presentation 2

Stephanie Odom: Developing a Standardized Approach to Trauma Informed Care in the Anti-Exploitation Field via Multi-Sector Collaboration 0:59:15

Megan Barolet-Fogarty, PhD, Meghan Conley, PhD, & Cristina Caceres, MA: Recognizing and Addressing Immigration Trauma in East Tennessee Schools: A Collaborative Approach to Community-based Participatory Research 1:10:20

Presentation 3

Lauren Rosen, MSE/PD: The Role of School Psychologists in Addressing Trauma 1:28:33

Victoria Gonzalez, PhD: Thanks for Sharing: Class Discussion as a Form of Individual and Collective Healing 1:38:30

Presentation 4

Deb Smith, MA Diversity and Inclusion within the School System 2:00:06

Alexandra Attinger: Using Trauma-Informed Writing Pedagogy in the Secondary English Language Arts Classroom 2:10:30

Conference Proceedings
Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 3

This video is part 3 of 4 of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Presentation 8

Jada Williams, Melina McConatha, PhD, & Julian Murray: Interdisciplinary Food Sustainability Studies: Black Food Sovereignty Scholarship and Curriculum Development: 0:00:00

Phillips Thomas Hornbuckle, JD: Feeding on a Small (College) Scale: Building and Sustaining Campus Food Pantries: 00:13:42

Dr. Linton Williams: The Cycle of Poverty and Trauma: Understanding its Effects on the Self-Esteem and Social Development of Minorities: 00:22:22

Presentation 9

Amber Wagman, LCSW, & Jane Riese, LSW: Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: 00:40:00

Colleen Igo & Jamie Russell, MSW, MS: “The 3 R’s of Trauma Informed Care: Realize, Recognize & Respond: 00:50:00

Presentation 10

Brittany Shutz, MS: York Opioid Collaborative: The importance of a coordinated, multi-sector approach to reducing overdoses and substance use: 01:09:50

Samantha Smith, MPH: “Building Health for All Youth: Upstream Substance Use Prevention Approaches: 01:18:00 Keynote Presentation 2

Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed: Authentic Antiracism: Understanding our Bias, Deepening our Empathy: 01:37:55

Conference Proceedings
James Baldwin's Fire

This podcast describes the work of James Baldwin as it relates to race, inequity, gender, sexual orientation and violence.

Let's Talk About Whiteness

A pod cast conversation on racial identity, and discussing “whiteness”

My Grandmother's Hands

Therapist Resmaa Menakem examines the damage caused by racism in America from the perspective of trauma and body-centered psychology.





Racial Equity Resource Guide

custumizable resources to discuss racial equity in America by the Kellog Foundation

Reframing History: Mass Incarceration

Describes the history of mass incarceration in the United States

Resource to address Violence agains the Asian and Pacific Islander Communities: Reading List

This resource provides a reading list compiled by Asian and Pacific Islander librarians for APA heritage month.

Resources for Addressing Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of Coronavirus

A non-comprehensive list of existing resources to address and counter anti- Asian racism in the time of coronavirus, compiled as of April 23, 2020.

Teaching 6-Year Olds About Power and Priviledge

Article describes one teacher’s approach to teaching young childrne about race, power and priviledge

Teaching Hard History

Teaching Hard History is a podcast series that addresses topics of racial justice and other civil rights movements. What we don’t know about American history hurts us all. Teaching Hard History begins with the long and brutal legacy of chattel slavery and reaches through the victories of and violent responses to the civil rights movement to the present day. From Teaching Tolerance and host Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Teaching Hard History brings us the lessons we should have learned in school through the voices of leading scholars and educators.

The Invention of Race

This podcast discusses how the history of the social construction of race.

The Rise in Anti-Asian Attacks During the Covid-19 Pandemic

This podcast explores the rise in anti-Asian attacks during the pandemic.

The Role of Trauma-informed Are on race and Bias During Agitation in the Emergency Department

“The Coats That We Can Take Off and the Ones We Can’t”: The Role of Trauma-informed Care on Race and Bias During Agitation in the Emergency Department. This article discusses the potential use of TIC principles on recognizing and addressing racial bias and racial trauma during de-escalation of agitation in the emergency room.

Empirical/Research Article
Treating Yellow Peril: Resources to Address Coronavirus Racism

This webpage provides a list of resources compiled by a University Professor of Asian American Studies that help people better understand and address Coronavirus racism and violence.

You are your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience and the Black Experience

A collection of essays edited by Tarana Burke and Brene Brown on Black shame, healing, the processes of trauma of white supremacy and an affirmation of the the fullness of Black love and Black life.