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20 Tips to Help De-escalate Interactions With Anxious or Defiant Students

List of tools to help teachers deescalate difficult students

4 ways to be trauma sensitive at work

This article describes 4 practical strategies for trauma-informed workplace management.

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AAIP Glass Ceiling in STEM: 50 Free Anti-Racism and Mental Health Resources

This resource  compiled on the Columbia University Engineering program blog, provides web links to free mental health and anti-racism resources from a variety of organizations.

Action steps using ACE's and trauma-informed care: A resilience model

This article describes the possibilities and risks of the using knowledge from the Adverse Childhood Experience Study and suggestions the use of a resilience model and the understanding of how the brain and body work to further the goals of a trauma-informed approach.

Empirical/Research Article
Ask the Researchers! The Sexual Abuse to Maternal Mortality Pipeline

NSVRC staff talk with Sevonna Brown, Assistant Executive Director for Black Women’s Blueprint about their research on the link between sexual violence and reproductive health.

Behavioral Challenges: Seven questions to guide the development of a support plan

This insightful bog post from David Pitonyak provides a guide for developing support plans for people with behavioral challenges. It is based off of the idea that behavioral challenges result form unmet needs

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Child Trauma Took Kit

Providers free tools for educators, staff and administrators on trauma and trauma informed care

Combating childhood trauma: One elementary school's radical approach to mental health

Video describing one school’s effort to change the way they respond to challenging student behavior using trauma-informed practices

Covid's Future, Trauma's Long Shadow and California's Lessons

This is a pod-cast and article of an interview by Ezra Klein of The NY Times of Dr. Nadine eBurke Harris on the impact of trauma in general and the trauma of Covid 19 on children and adults. They discuss lesson’s from her work in California.

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Crisis Prevention Institute Trauma-Informed Care Resource Guide

This guide provides information on the types and impact of trauma as well as tools and tips for de-escalation, and additional links to resources.

Enhancing Capacity for Trauma-informed Care in Child Welfare: Impact of a Statewide Systems Change Initiative

This article describes Connecticut’s state wide efforts to expand and enhance trauma-informed care for child welfare involved youth. This is not open access. Please contact us for information on accessing this article.

Good relationships are the key to healing trauma

Dr Treisman talks about the importance of forging good relationships and effective society-wide systems when it comes to understanding and healing trauma.

Hales, W. T., Green, S. A., Bissonette, S. (2018). Trauama-Informed Care Outcome Study

A scholarly journal article about changes in client and organizational outcomes after implementing trauma-informed care. Positive changes in client and organizational outocmes were reported.

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Helping Traumatized Children Learn Volumes 1 and 2

This resource includes a free downloadable book and videos that describes how trauma impacts learning and how schools can create a trauma sensitive and effective learning environment and community.

Impact of trauma-informed training and mindfulness-based social, emotional learning program on teacher attitudes and burnout: A mixed-methods study

This study describes the impact of a mindfulness-based program to expand trauma-informed strategies in the classroom. This is an open access/free article.

Empirical/Research Article
Implementation and program evaluation of trauma-informed care training across state child advocacy centers

This study evaluated the effectiveness of a training program that utilized a modified version of a TIC curriculum accessible through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) among CAC workers in Florida.

Empirical/Research Article
Inside the Adverse Childhood Experience Score

This article describes the strengths and limits of the Adverse Childhood Experiences score in the growing Trauma-Informed Care movement. This is an open access, free article.

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Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 1

This video is of the first of 4 parts of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference  that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Opening Remarks 0:00:000:15:00

Keynote 1 Dr. Debra L. Berke: Taking It to the Streets: Trauma-Informed Approaches in Action 0:15:45

Presentation 1 Winden Rowe, LPC & Kimberly Preske, MSW, LSW: HEAL PA Trauma Informed Pennsylvania Initiative 0:42:15

Presentation 2

Stephanie Odom: Developing a Standardized Approach to Trauma Informed Care in the Anti-Exploitation Field via Multi-Sector Collaboration 0:59:15

Megan Barolet-Fogarty, PhD, Meghan Conley, PhD, & Cristina Caceres, MA: Recognizing and Addressing Immigration Trauma in East Tennessee Schools: A Collaborative Approach to Community-based Participatory Research 1:10:20

Presentation 3

Lauren Rosen, MSE/PD: The Role of School Psychologists in Addressing Trauma 1:28:33

Victoria Gonzalez, PhD: Thanks for Sharing: Class Discussion as a Form of Individual and Collective Healing 1:38:30

Presentation 4

Deb Smith, MA Diversity and Inclusion within the School System 2:00:06

Alexandra Attinger: Using Trauma-Informed Writing Pedagogy in the Secondary English Language Arts Classroom 2:10:30

Conference Proceedings
Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 2

This video is part 2 of 4 of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference  that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Presentation 5

Sara Smith MS, MS, ACTRP, & Christen Coscia, BSEd, RYT: Mindfulness and Trauma-Sensitive Yoga as an Intervention for Trauma 0:00:00

Presentation 6

Loretta Brady, PhD , Suzanne Delle, MFA, Doug DeMoulin, & Jillian Rigby: Playful Responses to Serious Needs for Mental Health Resources: Role Play Resilience Game Development to Support First Responder Wellbeing 0:27:20

Presentation 7

Shawn Fink:: 6 Practical Well-Being Strategies to Boost Resilience: 0:58:13

Kayla Bailey, BSW, & Phillips Thomas Hornbuckle, JD: “Coordinated Community Response in Relation to Violence on College Campuses 1:09:09

Conference Proceedings
Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 3

This video is part 3 of 4 of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest.

Presentation 8

Jada Williams, Melina McConatha, PhD, & Julian Murray: Interdisciplinary Food Sustainability Studies: Black Food Sovereignty Scholarship and Curriculum Development: 0:00:00

Phillips Thomas Hornbuckle, JD: Feeding on a Small (College) Scale: Building and Sustaining Campus Food Pantries: 00:13:42

Dr. Linton Williams: The Cycle of Poverty and Trauma: Understanding its Effects on the Self-Esteem and Social Development of Minorities: 00:22:22

Presentation 9

Amber Wagman, LCSW, & Jane Riese, LSW: Supporting Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: 00:40:00

Colleen Igo & Jamie Russell, MSW, MS: “The 3 R’s of Trauma Informed Care: Realize, Recognize & Respond: 00:50:00

Presentation 10

Brittany Shutz, MS: York Opioid Collaborative: The importance of a coordinated, multi-sector approach to reducing overdoses and substance use: 01:09:50

Samantha Smith, MPH: “Building Health for All Youth: Upstream Substance Use Prevention Approaches: 01:18:00 Keynote Presentation 2

Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed: Authentic Antiracism: Understanding our Bias, Deepening our Empathy: 01:37:55

Conference Proceedings
Institute for Social Healing 2021 Virtual Conference Part 4

This video is part 4 of 4 parts of the 2021 Institute for Social Healing Conference that was co-hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Council on Family Relations on May 7th 2021. Time markers have been added for you to find presentations of interest. Presentation 11

Deborah Drain, Imani Lawson, and Christina Joe: Resiliency in the Face of Adversity: Covid-19 and Early Head Start Families. * The first 8 minutes of this video have been cut off due to technical difficulties.  00:00:00

Presentation 12

Chris Fitz , Cody Miller, MSED, Krista Rittenhouse, & Colette Shaw: Restorative Justice in the Juvenile Justice and Higher Education: 00:14:50

Presentation 13

Laura Evans, PhD, Evan Bradley, PhD, Eliana Peretz, & Hailey Grossi: Getting pronouns right: Gender, ethical reasoning, and preventing harm: 00:48:00

Alayna Munoz: The Impact of Covid-19 on Services Supporting People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: 00:59:22

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Libraries and Trauma Informed Care

News article discussing how public libraries are adopting trauma informed practices

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Managing Change with Personal Resilience

By Mark Kelly, Linda Hoopes, and Daryl Conner. Outlines 21 keys to being resilient in turbulent organizations.

Much to Do About Trauma: A Systematic Review of Existing Trauma-Informed

Much to Do About Trauma: A Systematic Review of Existing Trauma-Informed Treatments on Youth Violence and Recidivism.

This article reviews research on the use of trauma-informed approaches in juvenile justice settings and provides recommendations for future action.

Empirical/Research Article
Nadine Burke-Harris launches universal trauma screenings

CA will launch universal screenings of adverse childhood experiences and childhood trauma across state

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NJ ACE Action Plan

This action plan shares core strategies to help the state of New Jersey reduce, and ultimately, prevent ACEs, and reach its goal of becoming a more trauma-informed and healing-centered state.

NSVRC Resources on the go Podcast Sexual Violence

A podcast series by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on insights for responding to and prevention sexual violence.

Paper Tigers

A documnetary on implementing trauma informed care in a high school

Practice Considerations for Trauma-Informed Care at end of Life

This article describes how trauma presents in hospice settings and provides ideas and examples for implementing trauma-informed practices in end-of-life care settings.

Conference Proceedings

video of child in child welfare system and role trauma has on how she is behaving

Retiring Juvenile Detention Centers for Wrap-Around Community-Based Services

This article summary describes the result of an evaluation of girls in a juvenile detention center.  Most had been the victim of abuse and exploitation.  The article describes the risk girls face in juvenile detention and suggest alternative in the form of wrap around services.

Empirical/Research Article
SAMHAS: San Fransisco Aligning the Workforce to Create a Trauma Informed System

A brief describing San Fransisco’s process of creating a trauma informed workfroce

Policy Brief
School discipline is trauma-insensitive and trauma-uninformed

A block from Dr. J Stuart Ablon on the limitations of traditional school discipline and promising new practices.

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Searching for Angela

Searching for Angela is a beautiful and informative documentary from the perspective of Angela Shelton on the topics of trauma, abuse and healing.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects

Describes the risk educators face in working with students who have experienced trauma and how to reduce those risks

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Spotlight: Building Resiliant and Trauma Informed Communities

A 2 page SAMHSA brief on trauma informed communities

Policy Brief
Talk to me: What educators (and others) can learn about de-escalation from hostage negotiators

In this book, Emma Van Der Klift provides useful frameworks and tools for crisis de-escalation based off interviews with hostage negotiators.  This book applies these concepts to educational settings.

The Body Keeps The Score - VIDEO

Bessel van der Kolk discusses how trauma effects the body, and how the body keeps the score.

The Comfort Garden: Tales from The Trauma Unit by Laurie Barkin

This book tells the story of Laurie Barkin’s account of working on as a psychiatric nurse on the surgical/trauma unit at San Fransisco General Hospital and describes stories of the impact of working closely with those who have experienced trauma. This book won the Book of the Year award from the American Journal of Nursing and a Nautilus award.

The future of healing

This paper describes Sawn Ginwright’s work on Healing Centered Engagement as the as an evolution from trauma informed care.

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The legacy of trauma: Can experiences leave a biological imprint?

A short pod-cast exploring inter-generational trauma and the new science of the biology behind it.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Resources to support trauma infomred systems as they relate to education and child welfare

The Role of Trauma-informed Are on race and Bias During Agitation in the Emergency Department

“The Coats That We Can Take Off and the Ones We Can’t”: The Role of Trauma-informed Care on Race and Bias During Agitation in the Emergency Department. This article discusses the potential use of TIC principles on recognizing and addressing racial bias and racial trauma during de-escalation of agitation in the emergency room.

Empirical/Research Article
The Trauma Informed Tool Kit

A resource for people leading organizations serving adults who have experienced trauma

Trauma & Resilience: Adolescent Provider Toolkit

A tool kit designed for busy providers who work with adolescents. It includes assessment tools, evidence-based practices and promising practices that may be effective for working with youth who have experienced trauma.

Trauma and the Brain

Animated video on trauma’s impact on the brain

Trauma Exposure and PTSD Among Older Adolescents in Foster Care

This research article describes the nature of trauma exposure of older adolescents in foster care and describes why that matters for people who work with them.

Empirical/Research Article
Trauma in the lives of DSP's

Brief article describing trauma in the lives of the direct care workforce and what to do about it.

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Trauma Informed Care & Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts

A description of the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in Oregon’s statewide trauma-informed care collaborative effort.

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Trauma Informed Practices and Post Secondary Education

Toolkit for college and university staff to promote trauma informed practices

Trauma Management for Editors

This is a toolkit designed specifically for news editors and managers working with freelance journalists, containing practical information, tips and guidance to help editors assess trauma exposure among freelance contributors and then plan the necessary action and support.

Trauma-informed care: Better care for everyone

This paper describes how trauma informed care can improve medical care for all.

Empirical/Research Article
Trauma-Informed Community Development

Paul Abernathy describes how trauma informed care can be and has been used in community development. They describe examples from Pittsburgh.

Trauma-Informed Corrections

This chapter within the Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems (4th ed) by Sheryl P. Kubaik, Stephani S. Covnington, and Carmen, Hiller describes the nature of trauma and trauma exposure within the youth correctional settings (detention centers) , the benefits of and strategies for trauma-informed approaches.

Empirical/Research Article
Trauma-informed design can transform homeless shelters

Most homeless shelters today are poorly designed – their lack of privacy and clinical aesthetic more likely to induce distress than help with it. In this talk, homeless advocate Brandi Tuck makes the case for trauma-informed designs that can transform these spaces and help boost the well-being of their inhabitants.

Trauma-Informed End-of-Life Care Resources

The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization organized a list of resources on trauma-informed end-of-life services.

Trauma-Informed Philanthropy Part 1

The first in a two-part series for funders to help promote a trauma-informed community in PA.  Part 1 provides a description of trauma-informed practices, philanthropy’s role in building a trauma-informed region, and introduction of trauma-informed efforts in the region.

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Trauma-Informed Philanthropy Part 2

The second in a two part series on trauma-informed philanthropy (giving). This section discusses the foundation of trauma-informed grant-making, fostering cross-sector networks, and building efforts through program evaluation.

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Trauma-Informed Social Policy: A Conceptual Framework for Policy Analysis and Advocacy

This research article describes how the principles of trauma-informed care: safety, trustworthiness and transparency, collaboration, empowerment, choice and intersectionality, can be applied to public policy. Contact the Institute for Social Healing if you cannot access the full text.

Empirical/Research Article
Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents

By Margaret E. Blaustein and Kristine M. Kinniburgh. Provides a flexible framework for working with kids and their caregivers.

Unlocking the Door to Learning: Trauma-Informed Classrooms and Transformational Schools

Tools for K-12 schools in trauma infored practices

Empirical/Research Article
Using a trauma-informed Policy Approach to Create a Resilient Urban Food System

In this  paper, the authors examine how researchers applied trauma-informed principles to policy development, discuss the challenges and benefits of using a trauma-informed approach, and provide recommendations for others seeking to create trauma-informed food policy.

Empirical/Research Article
What are effective strategies for implementing trauma-informed care in youth inpatient psychiatric and residential treatment settings? A realist systematic review

Background: Many young people who receive psychiatric care in inpatient or residential settings in North America have experienced various forms of emotional trauma. Moreover, these settings can exacerbate trauma. Common practices, such as seclusion and restraint, put young people at risk of retraumatization, development of comorbid psychopathology, injury, and even death. In response, psychiatric and residential facilities have embraced trauma-informed care (TIC), an organizational change strategy which aligns service delivery with treatment principles and discrete interventions designed to reduce rates of retraumatization through responsive and non-coercive staff-client interactions. After more than two decades, a number of TIC frameworks and approaches have shown favorable results. Largely unexamined, however, are the features that lead to successful implementation of TIC, especially in child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric and residential settings.

Empirical/Research Article
What happened to you?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing

A book by Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Bruce Perry on how our early experience shape our lives.  This book describes scientific data and personal experiences related to trauma and healing.

Why mental health is the key to dealing with learning loss

Discusses the link between mental health and academic performance and how it relates to education during and after the pandemic.

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You are your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience and the Black Experience

A collection of essays edited by Tarana Burke and Brene Brown on Black shame, healing, the processes of trauma of white supremacy and an affirmation of the the fullness of Black love and Black life.